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Laser Remote Sensing



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REGPOT-2008-1 Coordination and support actions
Project Description:


-Ground-level monitoring is like capturing reality in a picture – the 3rd dimension is missing
-Remote sensing (satellite) is OK, but the temporal resolution is low – atmosphere is a dynamic system
-Ground-base remote sensing (especially laser = Lidar) gives: profiles, real time, high spatial and temporal resolution of the lower atmosphere: PBL and FT
-Lidars are operating for 20 years in Europe, mostly in Western Europe

After 2 years in EARLINET we understood that:

In order to provide accurate information to European databases:

Our Lidars need to be improved
Complementary (expensive) instruments are needed at our station (profiles of meteorological parameters, aerosols composition)
Young researchers must be properly trained by scientists with a large experience

In order to maintain and to extend partnerships:

We have to keep our promises – operate instruments, process data, follow the schedule and requirements (Man power, proper facilities)
We have to be more present at meetings, conferences …
We have to show what we have and what we can do
We have to collect knowledge from people who are willing to give it – first choice: Romanians abroad

In order to survive as research group:

We have to apply for new funding, to write proposals
We have to perform high quality research, to write papers, to collaborate

Structure of the DELICE project:





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